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Mondoo 5.7.0 is out!

· One min read
Mondoo Core Team

🥳 mondoo 5.7.0 is out!


  • Generate chat alerts for score changes 🎉

Chat alert

See the documentation for more details about how to setup chat alerts for your space.


  • Add ability to sort the assets by score
  • Improvements to quick-start navigation and added instructions for setting up integrations with Azure, GCP and VMware
  • Improved the dashboard stats cards
  • Rename mondoo agents commands to mondoo client


  • Prevent exceptions from being invalidated when policies are updated
  • Fix bug where a flicker was observed while creating a new space and org
  • Fix bug where a flicker was observed while navigating to and from errored assets details
  • Fix bug that prevented users from seeing the results of a custom policy in the UI
  • Fix examples for AWS integration EC2 filtering by tag
  • Make the total assets number "clickable"