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Mondoo 5.36.1 is out!

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Mondoo Core Team

๐Ÿฅณ Mondoo 5.36.1 is out. This release's big features: EBS Volume based instance Scanning, Colorblind mode, and policy updates!


Colorblind Modeโ€‹

A new user setting allows you to change to a colorblind-friendly color palette throughout the UI.

User Settings

Colorblind Space

AWS EBS Volume based Instance Scanningโ€‹

The Mondoo AWS Integration now includes the ability to scan instances using instance EBS volume data. This method does not require credentials or a client installation for scanning and can even scan stopped instances. Users can enable this feature and change how scanning occurs in this AWS integration configuration page.

EBS Settings


Linux Security Baseline Updatesโ€‹

We've made a number of improvements to our out of the box security policy this week. Our Linux Security Baseline by Mondoo is now more reliable. Many queries have been improved to work better on different Linux distributions and to better handle running in containers. We've also improved the query output and remediation instructions to make it easier to resolve discovered issues.

Rocky Linux CIS Benchmarksโ€‹

Mondoo now includes the Rocky Linux CIS Level 1 and 2 Server benchmarks. See the CIS Rocky Linux Benchmarks page for more information on these benchmarks.

Mondoo Kubernetes Operator Improvementsโ€‹

The Mondoo Kubernetes Operator 0.2.5 has been released with Kubernetes Workload scanning and the ability to scan Rancher provisioned controlplane and etcd nodes.


  • Fixed a crash when scanning with invalid credentials
  • Fixed a crash when retrieving anti-spyware security product details on Windows