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Mondoo 9.11 is out!

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Mondoo Core Team

๐Ÿฅณ Mondoo 9.11 is out! This release includes continuous domain/IP scanning, new and expanded AWS resources, and more!โ€‹

Get this release: Installation Docs | Package Downloads | Docker Container


Continuous domain and IP scanningโ€‹

New continuous domain and IP scanning ensures the security and compliance of your external web properties.

Domain Scan Integration

Scan these endpoints using out-of-the-box SSL/TLS, DNS, and HTTP security policies to ensure your properties meet security best practices. Protect against common endpoint security mistakes such as:

  • Certificates nearing their expiration date
  • Insecure TLS releases or ciphers
  • Missing X-Content-Type-Options in HTTP headers

Domain Scan Result

Domain and IP scans don't stop with just security. These scan results are automatically mapped to compliance controls such as SOC 2 type 2's CC6.7.2: Uses Encryption Technologies or Secure Communication Channels to Protect Data. This provides continuous compliance for your web properties.

New AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) resourceโ€‹

Secure Amazon's Web Application Firewall (WAF) service with new Mondoo WAF resources. These resources allow you to query WAF ACLs, Rules, RuleGroups, and IP Sets.

See the AWS Resource Pack documentation for a complete list of new WAF resources.

Load policies from AWS S3 bucketsโ€‹

Want to run custom policies across multiple systems without storing those policies in the Mondoo Platform's Registry? Now you can load policies in cnspec directly from AWS S3 buckets.

Specify an entire bucket and cnspec picks the correct policy:

cnspec scan -f s3://mysupernotexistingbucket1234567

Or specify the exact policy file in your bucket:

cnspec scan -f s3://mysupernotexistingbucket1234567/packs.mql.yaml


New fields and defaults in AWS resourcesโ€‹


  • Improve default values
  • New enaSupported field
  • New hypervisor field
  • New instanceLifecycle field
  • New rootDeviceType field
  • New rootDeviceName field
  • New architecture field


  • Improve default values
  • New multiAttachEnabled field
  • New throughput field
  • New size field
  • New iops field


  • Improve default values
  • New volumeSize field
  • New description field
  • New encrypted field


  • New retentionInDays field


  • Improve default values


  • New isDefault field
  • New tags field

New GitHub pull request query capabilitiesโ€‹

New fields in the GitHub resource give you fine-grained control over queries for GitHub pull requests.

First, connect to your GitHub repository with the cnquery shell:

cnquery shell github repo mondoohq/cnspec

Once you're connected to the GitHub repo in cnquery, you can query pull requests in a few different ways.

Query individual pull requests by number:

cnquery> github.mergeRequest(number: 1){ number state title }
github.mergeRequest: {
number: 1
title: "๐Ÿงน update command line help"
state: "closed"

Query all closed pull requests:

cnquery> github.repository.closedMergeRequests
github.repository.allMergeRequests: [
0: github.mergeRequest id=1640488170 state="closed"
1: github.mergeRequest id=1638254852 state="closed"
2: github.mergeRequest id=1638253038 state="closed"



Query all closed and open pull requests:

cnquery> github.repository.allMergeRequests
github.repository.allMergeRequests: [
0: github.mergeRequest id=1640488170 state="closed"
1: github.mergeRequest id=1640302075 state="open"
2: github.mergeRequest id=1638694955 state="open"



Improve bucket JSONL exportโ€‹

Do you export your Mondoo data through one of our storage integrations? We've made it easier for you to process these exports in systems like Splunk or ELK: We added ExportedAt and asset_mrn fields:

"mrn": "//",
"asset_mrn": "//",
"name": "",
"platform_name": "host",
"error": "",
"score_updated_at": "2023-12-06T14:03:51Z",
"updated_at": "2023-12-06T14:03:51Z",
"labels": {
"": "//"
"annotations": null,
"exported_at": "2023-12-06T15:12:57.619506985Z"

Alpine 3.19 supportโ€‹

On December 7th the Alpine Linux team released Alpine Linux 3.19 with an updated Kernel and new versions of common language packages. Mondoo includes support for this latest release with EOL and CVE detection. Learn more about what's new in this updated version at

Ignore .terraform directory during scansโ€‹

Want to scan Terraform files in a project directory, but the pesky .terraform directory is getting in your way? Now you can ignore files in the .terraform directory with the new --ignore-dot-terraform flag.


  • Improve the display of categories in integrations during setup and on the integrations page.
  • Improve the UI on the space registration token page when no tokens have been created.
  • In audit log entries, include the asset on which the action occurs.
  • Improved registry search results for policies and query packs.
  • Detect Kali Linux systems running on AWS.
  • Display more than 100 spaces on the organization page.
  • Fix incorrect EOL asset counts on the organization dashboard.
  • Don't double-log failures to find SSH keys from the SSH agent in cnspec/cnquery.
  • Performance improvements loading spaces and assets in the console.
  • Fix tooltips for space and organization tokens to show the right messages.
  • Show the GCP icon for Google Container Optimized policies.
  • Use the latest Microsoft 365 logo on all integration pages.
  • Add the Okta logo to the integration page.
  • Fix + icon in the Okta integration to go directly to the Okta integration setup page.
  • Report Kali Linux as a rolling release without an EOL date.
  • Fix cannot convert primitive with NO type information error in github.mergeRequest resource.
  • Update host resources to show as Network Hosts in the console instead of Network API.
  • Properly display ReadOnlyPort value in k8s.kubelet.configuration resource when it is 0.
  • Fix caCertFile in k8s.kubelet resource to be in "authentication" and not "authorization".
  • Fix URL links from cnspec failing to load if you had previously loaded a different space.