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Mondoo 7.3 is out!

ยท 3 min read
Mondoo Core Team

๐Ÿฅณ Mondoo 7.3 is out! This release includes UI and policy improvements!โ€‹

Get this release: Installation Docs | Package Downloads | Docker Container


New Azure authentication optionsโ€‹

Problem: You want to secure your Azure infrastructure, but you don't want to authenticate using less secure methods like token authentication.

Solution: Mondoo now includes additional options for authenticating against your Azure infrastructure, including those that enable security features such as MFA. You can now authenticate to your Azure infrastructure using certificates or a client ID and secret.

Certificate authentication:

cnquery shell azure --client-id <id> --certificate-path /Users/stella/certificate.pfx --tenant-id <tenant-id> --certificate-secret supersecret

Client ID/secret authentication:

cnquery shell azure --client-id <id> --tenant-id <tenant-id> --client-secret my_secret

If you don't specify an authentication method, Mondoo uses the method you've set up for the az CLI. So if you prefer shorter CLI commands, feel free to leave out the authentication flags entirely.

We also know you often have multiple subscriptions, so we've made it easy to select subscriptions. If the subscription flag is not set, you'll get a CLI menu of possible subscriptions to use:

Multiple Subscriptions

Policies for OpenSSLโ€‹

Problem: You want to apply a specific policy to find instances or containers running OpenSSL versions vulnerable to the recently announced CVE-2022-3786 and CVE-2022-3602 CVEs.

Solution: We've introduced a new policy, OpenSSL Vulnerability Policy by Mondoo, to specifically report on CVEs in OpenSSL so you can more easily target these systems for remediation.


Status tabs on top of asset pagesโ€‹

Asset pages now include tabs for navigating between policies, controls, configuration, and vulnerabilities at the top of the page. Not only are these a bit easier to find here, the content of these tabs now shows on the whole screen so you can better explore the data.

Asset Tabs

Resource improvementsโ€‹

We continue to improve the cnquery resource to give you the best insight into servers, clouds, Kubernetes clusters, and more. This week we shipped the following fixes and improvements:

  • Resolve errors running github.repository { webhooks } if no webhooks were found.
  • Resolve errors running aws.rds.dbClusters {*}.
  • Add state data to the aws.ec2.snapshot resource.

Policy improvementsโ€‹

This week we made several improvements to Linux and Kubernetes policies with new and updated controls:

  • Added missing queries to controls in the AlmaLinux CIS benchmark.
  • Added new Limit the access of Pods to cloud metadata services control to the NSA Kubernetes Hardening Guide Version 1.2 policy.
  • Added new Minimize and verify access to secrets control to the NSA Kubernetes Hardening Guide Version 1.2 policy.
  • Updated Kubernetes Cluster and Workload Security policy to avoid failures scanning Kubernetes master nodes.


  • Resolve failures loading base64 configs from env vars in cnspec.
  • Resolve a panic when running cnspec in GitHub Actions.
  • The install script now points users to GitHub Discussions not Slack.
  • Improve cleanup of Kubernetes admissions controller scans older than 30 days to improve performance in spaces.
  • EOL warning banners now show up on asset pages after an asset becomes EOL with the OS vendor.
  • Show errors when policies cannot be uploaded to Policy Hub.
  • Resolve errors with pagination on the asset not behaving as expected.
  • Resolve incorrect links in Microsoft Teams notifications.