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Mondoo 8.22 is out!

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Mondoo Core Team

๐Ÿฅณ Mondoo 8.22 is out! This release includes new asset configuration data, updated CIS policies, and more!โ€‹

Get this release: Installation Docs | Package Downloads | Docker Container


New asset configuration insightsโ€‹

Have you ever struggled to respond to a security alert because you couldn't locate the asset in your infrastructure? Now with Mondoo, you can quickly track down assets in your environment, thanks to new asset configuration information available in the Mondoo Console. This new configuration data includes important asset metadata such as accounts and regions for cloud assets or make, model, and serial number for physical assets. Mondoo automatically collects this data so you don't have to worry about enabling additional policies or query packs.

Example cloud asset:

Cloud asset configuration information

Example physical asset:

Employee laptop configuration information


See who set up integrationsโ€‹

Want to know whom to thank for setting up infrastructure integrations in Mondoo? Each integration in Mondoo now shows the creator so you can quickly see who's been busy securing infrastructure in your organization.

Integration with username

CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark 2.0โ€‹

Mondoo now includes the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark policy version 2.0. This updated release includes two new controls to ensure AWS CloudShell access is restricted and to ensure that instances only allow metadata access via IMDSv2. The policy also includes 22 updated controls with improved audit and remediation steps.

CIS Amazon EKS Benchmark 1.3.0โ€‹

Mondoo now includes the CIS AWS EKS Benchmark policy 1.3.0. This updated release replaces checks for the deprecated Pod Security Policy system with Pod Security Standards instead. It also includes six updated controls with improved audit and remediation steps.

aws.rds.dbinstance Automatic Upgrade fieldโ€‹

The aws.rds.dbinstance MQL resource now includes a new autoMinorVersionUpgrade field that identifies if automatic minor version upgrades are enabled for the RDS instance.


  • Don't hang waiting on Zypper CLI input when scanning SUSE hosts.
  • Detect SUSE 11 and earlier platforms where /etc/os-release is absent.
  • Fix failures scanning containers on the latest Docker releases.
  • Prevent cnspec service checks from potentially rebooting sys-v init based SUSE 11 and earlier.
  • Fix failures scanning new AWS instances created from the AWS Lambda integration.
  • Fix failing ECR image scans from the AWS Lambda integration.
  • Don't display the Show all policies button on assets when all policies are already showing.
  • Improve the display of current AWS resources from within the AWS Integration page.
  • Stop the packages list in the asset Platform Vulnerabilities tab from reloading twice.
  • Fix a double refresh when selecting asset CVEs.
  • Improve alignment of data on the Platform Vulnerabilities page.
  • Fix Load More pagination on the CVEs page.
  • Fix query results that returned cannot convert primitive with NO type information.
  • Remove empty Impact sections from CIS benchmark policies.
  • Improve MQL query formatting in policies to improve readability.
  • Add a friendly message when an asset has no annotations so it's more clear how to create an annotation.
  • Warn before leaving Risk Actions midway through creating a plan.
  • Fix panics loading some asset data.
  • Improve the display of organization dashboard graphs on tablets.
  • Improve several AWS platform titles.
  • Fix failures using hashi-vault with local inventory files.