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Mondoo 7.1 is out!

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Mondoo Core Team

๐Ÿฅณ Mondoo 7.1 is out! This release includes UI and policy improvements!โ€‹

Get this release: Installation Docs | Package Downloads | Docker Container


Local Provider by Defaultโ€‹

Problem: You just want to scan your local system for security misconfigurations without needing to think about scan providers.

Solution: We've make mondoo scan default to the local system once again. With this change you can easily scan you local system without the need to specify the local provider.

Bulk Delete Assetsโ€‹

Problem: You have a large number of assets that you want to clean up, but deletion involves opening each asset and selecting the delete icon.

Solution: You can now multi-select and delete assets directly from the fleet view. Select the pencil icon in the top-right corner of the asset list, check each asset to delete. From the Batch Edit Selection pull down menu, select Delete.

Batch Delete Assets

Group Kubernetes Admissions Controller Scans by Namespaceโ€‹

Problem: New deployments come into Kubernetes clusters at a dizzying pace and it's often hard to see which new workflows are being deployed to which namespaces.

Solution: We've reworked our the Kubernetes admission controller UI in the CI/CD tab to better show which namespaces workflows are being deployed into. This helps group similar scans so you can more easily escalate issues to the proper teams.

Grouped Namespaces

Group Multiple CI Scansโ€‹

Problem: It's often useful to run multiple Mondoo scans in your CI/CD pipelines, but the scans don't show up together in the Mondoo CI/CD project pages.

Solution: Scans are now grouped together in the CI/CD project pages so you can better tell which scans ran in the same branch commits or PRs.

CI Jobs

Ignore Kubernetes Namespaces in Scansโ€‹

Problem: You have a large Kubernetes cluster with different namespaces owned by different teams, and you don't want to scan the entire cluster at once.


We've added two new CLI flags to allow you to control which namespaces to scan and which to skip. To scan all namespaces except ones that you specify, use the --namespaces-exclude flag. To scan just the namespaces you specify, use the --namespaces flag.

mondoo scan k8s --namespaces-exclude mondoo-operator
mondoo scan k8s --namespaces luna-ui,luna-backend

New Microsoft Azure Security by Mondoo policyโ€‹

Problem: You want to secure your Azure infrastructure against common security misconfigurations

Solution: Mondoo now includes a new Azure Security by Mondoo policy. This policy provides guidance for establishing minimum recommended security and operational best practices for Azure. This policy includes ten controls, with new controls planned for future Mondoo releases.


SSM Connections using Instance Nameโ€‹

You can now scan AWS instances using Amazon's SSM using either the IP or the instance name. This makes it easier to scan instances using the names shown in the awscli or the AWS Management Console.

Use Shorter Container Namesโ€‹

Mondoo now includes the shortened container SHAs to match the Docker experience. These short container names fit better in the UI and match the names shown when running Docker CLI commands.

Short Image Name

VMware Appliance Now Auto Upgrades Mondooโ€‹

We know you want the latest Mondoo Client capabilities so you can run updated policies, so we've updated the Mondoo VMware appliance to automatically pull in the latest client releases. No more compatibility concerns or time spent manually updating the instance.

Better Examples in CI Integration Pagesโ€‹

The CI/CD integration setup pages now include additional example configuration files, making it easier to setup Mondoo in your CI pipelines.

Additional CI Examples

NSA Kubernetes Hardening Guide Version 1.2 Generally Availableโ€‹

The NSA Kubernetes Hardening Guide Version 1.2 policy is no longer considered to be a preview release after the addition of several new controls and fixes:

  • Add an improved policy description with example usage information.
  • Update remediation steps to improve clarity.
  • Switch policy scoring system so that the policy score on an asset matches the worst offense found rather than the average of all scores (which previously could mask critical issues).
  • Update controls to properly run on the Kubernetes cluster asset itself when appropriate.
  • Fix Ensure that the Kubernetes PKI/SSL directory is owned by root:root control to work on Minikube.
  • Split Pods should not run with NET_RAW or SYS_ADMIN capabilities control into two controls so it can be disabled at a more granular level.
  • Add new controls:
    • CVE-2021-25742 - checking nginx-ingress ConfigMaps for dangerous settings
    • Do not allow ClusterRoles that allow users execution privileges into containers
    • Do not allow roles that allow users execution privileges into containers
    • Minimize and verify access to cluster-admin binding via rolebindings
    • Minimize and verify access to cluster-admin binding

NSA Policy

Policy Improvementsโ€‹

We continue to improve the descriptions, remediation steps, and reliability of our out-of-the-box Mondoo policies so you can secure your infrastructure with less effort. This week we've made the following policy improvements:

  • Add improved descriptions and remediation steps to all Kubernetes Security controls.
  • Add getting started guides to each Mondoo policy with usage information.
  • CIS and BSI Linux policies now accept the shadow group when checking permissions on /etc/shadow and /etc/shadow-.
  • Move additional queries in the CIS Kubernetes policies from the cluster asset to the individual workload assets. This helps more quickly identify the workload in question and allows for more granular skip/disables.
  • Adjust impact levels in the CIS and Mondoo Linux policies to lower levels where appropriate.
  • Disable alerting of Pod Security Standard policies in the mondoo-operator namespace as enabling PSS would break operator functionality.
  • Improve descriptions and remediation steps for /etc/* file check controls in Linux Security by Mondoo policy.
  • Remove livenessProbe and readinessProbe checks from CronJobs and Jobs in Kubernetes Best Practices by Mondoo as these recommendations don't apply to Job and CronJob workloads.
  • Update remediation steps in Linux Security policy's Ensure system accounts are non-login control to properly identify high UID system accounts.
  • Fix incorrect remediation step in Linux Security by Mondoo policy's Ensure secure permissions on SSH private host key files are set control.
  • Fix AWS Security by Mondoo policy's Ensure there is only one active access key available for any single IAM user control to properly check that one key is active.

Time + operator in MQLโ€‹

We've added a new + operator to the Time resource so you can more easily manipulate time values in your MQL queries. This makes queries like the ones below possible:

Time manipulation


  • Update the CI integrations pages to provide correctly encoded Mondoo credentials for use with CI platforms.
  • Add missing icons to Mondoo policies in the Policy Hub.
  • Improve alignment of enabled/selected policies in the Policy Hub.
  • Fix the MONDOO_CONFIG_PATH environmental variable not being honored in the Mondoo CLI.
  • Fix the progress bar not showing during Mondoo CLI scans.
  • Update the AWS integration to skip creating an EBS snapshot if one already exists.
  • Add workaround rate limiting with EBS snapshot scanning in large accounts.
  • Better handle long asset names in the fleet view.
  • Present the original case of the Kubernetes integration instead of uppercasing the name.
  • Fix top recommended action links on CI job assets to load controls properly.
  • Add missing page titles to some pages in the console.
  • Fix minor UI alignment and spelling mistakes.
  • Ensure that AWS account assets are created when scanning accounts.
  • Don't create empty k8s-node assets when scanning Kubernetes clusters.
  • Find GCP instances in all zones when scanning GCP accounts.
  • Don't return an error if all policy controls are skipped.
  • Add a friendly error message when trying to connect to assets of SSH without an identity file or password.
  • Improve the reliability of Kubernetes asset garbage collection in the Mondoo Kubernetes Operator.