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Mondoo 3.7.0 is out!

· One min read
Christoph Hartmann
Mondoo Core Team

We are excited to announce that the new release ships with 📦 Kubernetes API support and 🧾 YAML report!


  • new: added support for kubernetes application checks
  • new: yaml report export

🥳 Kubernetes API Support

We adapted the current k8s:// to target the Kubernetes API. This allows you to validate deployed applications. Mondoo ships with a new Kubernetes Application Benchmark. Just activate this benchmark in your Mondoo dashboard to scan for common pod configurations.

# mondoo will use kubectl context and setup
mondoo scan -t k8s://

Screenshot_2021-03-16_at_21.33.28 Screenshot_2021-03-16_at_21.33.42 Screenshot_2021-03-16_Cloud-Native_Security_Vulnerability_Risk_Management

🧾 YAML Reporter

This release introduces a new yaml reporter that allows you to use mondoo's report for further analysis.

mondoo scan -o yaml