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Mondoo 9.6 is out!

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Mondoo Core Team
Mondoo Core Team

๐Ÿฅณ Mondoo 9.6 is out! This release includes Console asset query packs, Subject Alternative Name support for certificates, and more!โ€‹

Get this release: Installation Docs | Package Downloads | Docker Container


Asset inventory at your fingertipsโ€‹

Query pack data now displays directly in the Mondoo Console for all assets. Explore asset configuration with the two dozen out-of-the-box query packs available in the registry. If you don't find what you're looking for there, write your own query packs to expose additional asset inventory information directly in the console.

Browse the results of asset inventory query packs with a new Data Queries tab on the individual asset view.

Asset data queries


Expanded certificate resource capabilitiesโ€‹

The tls.certificates resource now supports the PKIX Subject Alternative Name (SAN) extension, as well as the Subject Key Identifier (SKID) extension.

cnspec shell host
cnspec> tls.certificates { sanExtension { * }}
tls.certificates: [
0: {
sanExtension: {
uris: []
extension: pkix.extension id = 5842ac625349147af543f8049f60497ca270c0412667bbeb1042482e805069f9:
emailAddresses: []
dnsNames: [
0: "*"
1: "*"
2: "*"
3: "*"
4: "*"
5: "*"
6: "*"
7: "*"
8: "*"
1: {
sanExtension: null
2: {
sanExtension: null

Expanded cnspec status informationโ€‹

Running cnspec status now prints the version number of the latest available release and a list of all installed providers. If the currently installed and latest releases don't match, the status indicates that a newer version is available for download.

./cnspec status
โ†’ no Mondoo configuration file provided, using defaults
โ†’ Platform: ubuntu
โ†’ Version: 22.04
โ†’ Hostname: localhost
โ†’ IP:
โ†’ Time: 2023-11-01T13:36:01+01:00
โ†’ Version: 9.6.0 (API Version: 9)
โ†’ Latest Version: 9.6.1
! A newer version is available
โ†’ Installed Providers: terraform | aws | atlassian | gcp
โ†’ Outdated Providers: terraform | aws | atlassian
โ†’ API ConnectionConfig:
โ†’ API Status: SERVING
โ†’ API Time: 2023-11-01T12:36:02Z
โ†’ API Version: 9


  • Vulnerabilities results no longer show assets that are not impacted.
  • Fix colorblind mode being enabled for all users.
  • Add data validation for AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key values in the S3 export integration.
  • Improve asset links in Compliance Hub to go directly to the check or data query on the asset.
  • Fix tls.certificates returning null data incorrectly.
  • Fix AWS EC2 instance names not properly registering.
  • Improve default values in the azure.subscription.monitorService.applicationInsight resource.
  • Don't display a policy's main documentation when viewing the variant.
  • Improve form validation for integrations to only run after all text has been entered.
  • Improve formatting on the policy recommendation pages for integrations.
  • Fix text input boxes that could not be read in the Azure integration.
  • Improve the error message when an organization or space user cannot be removed.
  • Don't fail when running policies from the public registry that use asset filters.
  • Don't fail if a query packs has no description.
  • Don't fail if a policy group has checks, but not data queries.
  • Fix a failure when scanning AWS EBS volumes.
  • Fix incorrect runtime information being reported for AWS assets.
  • Fix service checks to work on masked systemd services and services that end in .service
  • Expand SOC 2 policy coverage
  • Improve data returned from the Azure Inventory Query Pack.
  • Improve the reliability of queries in the CIS AKS Benchmarks policies.
  • Wrap instead of cutting off long property values in the registry.
  • Use the custom image defined in the Kubernetes operator's MondooAuditConfig section.
  • Fix garbage collection of old Kubernetes assets not running.
  • Fix scanning of GKE nodes from the Kubernetes operator.