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Mondoo Platform Docs

Mondoo's flagship SaaS platform provides full-stack security for your entire cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

What Is Mondoo?

Get to know the Mondoo platform and explore its capabilities.

Get Started

Create an account and begin integrating Mondoo with your systems.

Cloud Security

Secure your AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, and VMWare infrastructure.

SaaS Security

Ensure you're following Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Okta, and Slack best practices.

Software Supply Chain Security

Build secure systems with CI/CD, Docker, Terraform, and Packer integrations.

Server & Endpoint Security

Assess workload security before and after deployment.

The Mondoo Console

Manage your organizations, assets, team members, alerting, and more.

Manage Policies

Manage the checks that Mondoo runs against your different systems.

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