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Integrate Your Assets with Mondoo - Overview

To assess and improve the security and compliance of your infrastructure, you must first integrate it with Mondoo. The Mondoo integration for each platform is unique, whether it's a Kubernetes controller, a Lambda function for deep AWS integration, or a simple client installed on an operating system.

Find your platform and start integrating Mondoo across your systems.




Operating systems

Mondoo's cross-platform CLI, cnspec, is a core Mondoo component that finds misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in Linux, macOS, and Windows assets. You install cnspec on your servers and endpoints and register them with Mondoo so that you can continuously monitor their security.

Integrate with a single server or endpoint:

Automate deployment of cnspec across your infrastructure:

Supply chain

Integrate with CI/CD testing:

Use cnspec to ensure you build virtual instances that are free of security vulnerabilities:

Use cnspec to test containers for security vulnerabilities during development on your workstation before publishing to container registries: