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Navigate the Mondoo Console

Navigate the Mondoo Console to view and manage different spaces and configurations for your infrastructure security.

Access the Mondoo Console in your web browser at

Mondoo Console

The sun/moon icon on the toolbar lets you switch the console display between light and dark display. The Mondoo Console also has a colorblind display option. To learn more, read Enable Colorblind Mode in the Mondoo Console.

Mondoo Console top navigation menu

The assets in your infrastructure are organized into regions, organizations, and spaces. You move between regions, organizations, and spaces, by selecting the top navigation menu (shown above) and the boxes that represent organizations or spaces.

For example, the image below shows all organizations in the US region. Select an organization to explore and manage it:

Mondoo Console organizations

In this example, if you select the Lunalectric organization and then select Spaces in the side navigation bar, you see all spaces in the Lunalectric organization.

Mondoo Console spaces

From there you can select any space to access and manage its details. For example, select the Online Store box to view the Online Store space.

You can filter spaces to see a subset of spaces or find a specific one. Type in the Filter Spaces box to see only spaces with names that match what you type. The filter is case sensitive and includes partial matches.

Perform tasks within a space

Mondoo Console side navigation bar

The side navigation bar in the Mondoo Console gives you access to tasks you can perform for the current space.

Get help and resources

To access...Select...In the...
Mondoo documentationThe book iconTop-right toolbar
The Mondoo community on SlackThe Slack iconTop-right toolbar
Different support optionsGet SupportBottom-left navigation bar
News and alertsThe bell iconTop-right toolbar
Mondoo operational statusMondoo StatusBottom-left navigation bar