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Plan Your Mondoo Organization - Overview

You can rely on Mondoo to secure an enormous quantity of assets in your infrastructure -- cloud platforms, workstations, servers, containers, SaaS platforms, and much more. For larger businesses, Mondoo provides asset intelligence, security, and compliance for thousands of assets. To make securing and monitoring your infrastructure manageable, you can arrange your Mondoo assets in regions, organizations, and spaces. It's best to plan your infrastructure structure before you begin integrating your infrastructure with Mondoo.

This is an example of an infrastructure organization:

Organize even the largest infrastructure with Mondoo

  • Regions allow you to follow localized policy requirements (such as GDPR).

  • Organizations provide a way to separate and organize different parts of your business and manage team members' access.

  • Spaces are collections of assets, policies, and reports that you manage together.

You can organize your infrastructure in as complex or simple a structure as you need. All security, compliance, and asset intelligence reports, data exports, and ticketing system exports are organized in the structure you create.

Organize a small infrastructure with Mondoo