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Asset Intelligence - Overview

Mondoo makes your entire infrastructure visible and discoverable. It allows you to build an inventory of all your deployed technologies across cloud, Kubernetes, hardware, and other assets.

Mondoo's powerful engine collects detailed data on every asset, and even shows relationships between assets. It continuously monitors for changes and automatically discovers assets and technologies you're using.

With Mondoo you can:

  • Find blind spots in your infrastructure. Unknown and lost assets can drain your resources and expose your environment to attackers. Mondoo automatically exposes potentially costly assets.

  • Educate strategic operations and engineering decisions. Mondoo helps you eliminate redundancies and waste or plan updates in your infrastructure. Make smarter choices and more efficient migrations by finding assets running common technologies.

  • Eliminate manual labor. You no longer need to perform complex manual comparisons of assets or trace connections to determine how the different elements in your environments are related. Mondoo reveals relationships automatically.

  • Respond to an incident quickly and precisely. Mondoo can create a snapshot of running components (such as processes, ports, services, and packages) to help you make the right decisions fast.

  • Detect drift. As your team grows, infrastructure deployment becomes more difficult to manage. Mondoo easily finds unusual and unexpected changes to your infrastructure.

Only your imagination limits what you can do with Mondoo.

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