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Search Your Inventory

You can quickly search an entire organization from the Mondoo Console's top navigation bar. Find assets by name, platform, and more.

Mondoo's inventory search is straightforward but powerful. Specialized search predicates that are unique to Mondoo provide capabilities beyond a simple text search.

Search for assets

  1. In the Mondoo Console, navigate to the organization or space where you want to search.

  2. Locate the search box in the top-left corner of the Mondoo Console.

    Search an organization in the Mondoo Console

  3. Enter search parameters in the search box and press Enter. To learn about search syntax and capabilities, read the section below.

    Mondoo search results

  4. Use the drop-down in the top-right corner to change the scope of the search:

    • To limit your search to the current space, select IN SPACE. (This option is available only if you're currently working in a space.)

    • To extend your search to the entire current organization, select IN ORGANIZATION.

  5. From the results list, select the asset you want to view.

    To cancel the search, press Esc or select the x on the right side of the search box.

Mondoo inventory search syntax and predicates

Mondoo search supports text matching, partial text matching, and Boolean operators. It includes specialized predicates to help you refine your search.

Text matching and partial matching

Enter a number or word to find assets with names containing that number or word. Text search is not case sensitive.

For example, if you search for luna, the results include assets named:


  • AltaLuna44005

  • AWS Account lunalectric-prod (69892234400)

Enter multiple words and/or numbers separated by a space to find assets with names containing both.

For example, if you search for luna AWS, the results include assets named:

  • AltaLuna44005AWS4

  • AWS Account lunalectric-prod (69892234400)

  • 11440075 Calluna AWS

Mondoo treats the aws in the search text as a Boolean AND. If you prefer, you can type luna AND aws for the same result.

Mondoo also supports the OR operator. The search luna OR aws returns assets named:

  • AltaLuna44005AWS4

  • AWS Account lunalectric-prod (69892234400)

  • 11440075 Calluna AWS

  • lunalectric-gke-001

  • AWS Account marsrover-prod (69892234499)

For a text match that includes a space, put the search terms in quotes: Of the results above, only 11440075 Calluna AWS shows up in a search for "luna aws".

Specialized predicates

By default, Mondoo searches based on the asset name. However, Mondoo's specialized search predicates let you target a different attribute, such as hostname or annotation. For example, enter platform:redhat to find all Red Hat assets.

Mondoo supports these search predicates:


The platform predicate lets you limit search results by the asset platform. For example, enter platform:windows to find Windows assets.

The Boolean operators, text matching, and partial text matching guidelines described above apply to the platform predicate. For example:

  • platform:win finds Windows assets.

  • platform:k8s finds assets with the platform value k8s-node, k8s-pod, k8s-admission, and so on.

  • platform:alpine OR amazonlinux finds assets that have either alpine or amazonlinux as their platform value.

Show or hide a list of platform values.
  • alpine

  • amazonlinux

  • arch

  • arista-eos

  • aws

  • aws-cloudtrail-trail

  • aws-cloudwatch-loggroup

  • aws-dynamodb-table

  • aws-ebs-snapshot

  • aws-ebs-volume

  • aws-ecs-instance

  • aws-iam-group

  • aws-iam-user

  • aws-kms-key

  • aws-lambda-function

  • aws-rds-dbinstance

  • aws-rds-dbcluster

  • aws-s3-bucket

  • aws-security-group

  • aws-vpc

  • azure

  • azure-compute-vm

  • azure-mysql-server

  • azure-network-security-group

  • busybox

  • centos

  • clear-linux-os

  • cloudlinux

  • cos

  • debian

  • docker-image

  • euleros

  • fedora

  • gcp-bigquery-dataset

  • gcp-compute-firewall

  • gcp-compute-image

  • gcp-compute-instance

  • gcp-compute-network

  • gcp-compute-subnetwork

  • gcp-folder

  • gcp-gke-cluster

  • gcp-org

  • gcp-organization

  • gcp-project

  • gcp-storage-bucket

  • gentoo

  • github-org

  • github-repo

  • github-user

  • gitlab

  • google-workspace

  • k8s-admission

  • k8s-cluster

  • k8s-cronjob

  • k8s-daemonset

  • k8s-deployment

  • k8s-ingress

  • k8s-job

  • k8s-manifest

  • k8s-namespace

  • k8s-node

  • k8s-pod

  • k8s-replicaset

  • k8s-statefulset

  • kali

  • linuxmint

  • macos

  • manjaro-arm

  • mariner

  • microsoft365

  • oci

  • okta-org

  • opensuse-leap

  • oraclelinux

  • parrot

  • photon

  • pop

  • raspbian

  • redhat

  • rhcos

  • rockylinux

  • scratch

  • slack-team

  • sles

  • terraform-hcl

  • terraform-plan

  • terraform-state

  • ubuntu

  • vmware-esxi

  • vmware-vsphere

  • windows

If you need to search for a platform that you don't see in this list, please ask us about it in the Mondoo Community Slack Channel.


The kind predicate lets you limit search results by their type or kind, which is a categorization unique to Mondoo.

Show or hide a list of kind values.
  • api

  • aws_object

  • azure_object

  • bare_metal

  • code

  • container

  • container_image

  • gcp_object

  • k8s_object

  • network

  • package

  • process

  • unknown

  • virtual_machine

  • virtual_machine_image


Mondoo annotations are metadata you can add to assets. They're key-value pairs containing any text you want. To learn more, read Annotate (Tag) Assets.

You can search for assets that have a certain key-value pair or you can search for assets that have any value for a certain key. These are examples:

  • finds assets that have the "owner" annotation with "" in the value. This is a fast way to find assets belonging to one user.

  • annotation:project finds all assets that have the "project" annotation with any value.

  • annotation:project=rover finds all assets that have the "project" annotation with "rover" in the value. This search finds assets that belong to the Mars Rover and Moon Rover projects.


name is the default predicate for an asset search, so you don't need to specify name if you only want to search asset names. For example, a search for southwest is the same as a search for name:southwest.

When you combine predicates in a single search, you don't have to include name if it's the first predicate in the search. For example this search finds only assets that have both southwest in their name and have the type azure_object:

southwest AND platform=aws-ec2-snapshot

However, if the name predicate in a search comes after another predicate, you must include the name predicate. For example, this search fails because it tries to find assets that have both aws-ec2-snapshot and southwest in the platform:

platform=aws-ec2-snapshot AND southwest

If you add the name predicate, then you search for assets that have both aws-ec2-snapshot in their platform and southwest in the name:

platform=aws-ec2-snapshot AND name:southwest