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Inventory Your Assets

Mondoo can provide a thorough and detailed inventory of your entire infrastructure. In the Mondoo Console, you can explore all the assets registered with your account and investigate configuration details.

Mondoo's inventory lets you drill down into an asset's configuration to learn details about that asset.

View inventory detail in the Mondoo Console

Enable an inventory

To view an inventory of a space, you must first enable the inventories you want to see for the space. For example, if you want to inventory your AWS infrastructure, you must enable the AWS inventory for the space you want to see. You manage inventories in the registry.

  1. In the Mondoo Console, use the top navigation bar to choose the space you want to inventory.

  2. In the left navigation menu, select Registry.

  3. Under REGISTRY, select Query Packs.

  4. In the Filter search box, type inventory.

    The registry shows only inventories. The toggles for enabled inventories are purple. The toggles for disabled inventories are white and gray.

    Registry showing inventories

  5. Select the toggle beside an inventory to enable it.

Mondoo inventories the applicable assets registered to the space.

View asset inventory details in the Inventory view

  1. In the Mondoo Console, use the top navigation bar to choose the organization and space you want to view.

    The Inventory view displays by default when you access a different organization or space. If you're currently in a different view, use the left navigation bar: Select Inventory.

    Inventory view in the Mondoo Console

  2. To drill down into a space, select the box representing the space.

    Mondoo organizes your space by integration type, showing summary scores for each integration. You can select an integration type box to see only that type of asset, or you can select the INVENTORY box to access and search all assets in the space.

    Space view in the Mondoo Console

  3. Select the asset type (such as AWS or GCP) to filter the list of assets to only the type(s) for which you've enabled inventory.

  4. Select the asset.

  5. To see the results of all the enabled queries on the asset, select the Data Queries tab.

    View data queries in the Mondoo Console

  6. To see detailed resource information, select the Resources tab.

    View inventory detail in the Mondoo Console

  7. Select different elements to drill down into different details.


To look up the meanings of different icons, select LEGEND.

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