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Overview of AWS and Mondoo

Rely on Mondoo to secure all aspects of your Amazon cloud environment. Mondoo finds vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in instances, Kubernetes, buckets, APIs, and more.

Mondoo offers a variety of approaches to evaluating your AWS infrastructure security. You can continuously scan your AWS accounts, evaluate builds before they go to production, and run ad hoc scans.

Continuously scan

Continuously evaluate the security of your AWS accounts and resources, such as EC2 instances, so that you always have an up-to-date view of your environment's security posture.

The Mondoo AWS Integration provides cron-scheduled and event-based continuous scanning of your AWS accounts and EC2 instances using a Lambda function. Deploy the integration once and always get the latest security assessments for new accounts and resources.

Scan during build time

Build Secure AMIs with cnspec and HashiCorp Packer: Scan Linux and Windows HashiCorp Packer builds for vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations. Mondoo's plugin works with any of the supported Packer builders, including containers.

Scan during run time

Ad hoc, agentless scans are a great way to get started evaluating your AWS security with Mondoo. There's no agent to install or manage on instances in your infrastructure, so you can get started scanning in just minutes.