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Continuously Scan AWS - Serverless Integration

The Mondoo serverless AWS integration enables continuous cron-scheduled and event-based scanning of your AWS account or Organization.

To learn about how an integration runs and its required permissions, read AWS Integration FAQ.


Mondoo also offers a Mondoo-hosted method for assessing AWS security. It requires no agent in AWS and is easier to set up. To compare the two approaches, read Continuously Scan with an AWS Integration.

Integrate with an entire organization or single account

The serverless Mondoo AWS integration supports scanning multiple AWS accounts. To do this, you install Mondoo across an AWS Organization using CloudFormation StackSets. All scan configuration options you choose apply to every AWS account in the AWS Organization.


Before creating a serverless Mondoo deployment on an AWS Organization, make sure to check if the configuration of your AWS organization meets the requirements.

You can also opt to scan a single AWS account only. Single account integrations rely on CloudFormation stacks.


When you deploy an integration with Mondoo using a StackSet on the organizational level, the StackSet only creates an integration of the target accounts.

The administrator account in which the StackSet for the target accounts resides needs its own separate single account integration.

This is intentional and reflects the architectural concepts of AWS StackSets.

Set up a new AWS integration


Only team members with Editor or Owner access can perform this task.

  1. Access the Integrations > Add > AWS page in one of two ways:

    • New space setup: After creating a new Mondoo account or creating a new space, the initial setup guide welcomes you. Select BROWSE INTEGRATIONS and then select AWS.

      Welcome to Mondoo Page

    • INTEGRATIONS page: In the side navigation bar, under INTEGRATIONS, select Add New Integration. Near the top of the page, select AWS.

    AWS integration options

  2. Select Serverless.


  3. Select the type of integration:

    Organization installIntegrate Mondoo with an entire AWS Organization.
    Single account installIntegrate Mondoo with a single AWS account.
  4. Identify the account or Organization and the region:

    If you're integrating with...Then...
    An entire AWS OrganizationIn the AWS Organization(s) box, enter any name for the integration. Select the region in which you want to deploy the integration.
    A single AWS accountIn the AWS account box, enter your AWS account ID. Select the region in which you want to deploy the integration.
  5. Set the account options:

    Schedule full scanSet the interval (in hours) at which to execute a full scan of the AWS account, independent of change events. The default is 12 hours.
    Trigger on AWS console sign-in eventTrigger an account scan whenever a user logs into the AWS console.
  6. Set the EC2 options:


    Discover EC2 instancesInclude EC2 instances in asset discovery. By default, this applies across all regions.
    Trigger on instance state change eventsTrigger a scan of all EC2 instances whenever an instance changes state.
    Use SSM for instance connectivityUse the AWS SSM service to trigger scans for EC2 instances (when it's available).
    Use EC2 Instance Connect for instance connectivityIf an EC2 instance has a public IP, connect using EC2 Instance Connect.
    Use EBS volume scanning for instance connectivityUse EBS volume scanning to scan the filesystems of instances that Mondoo otherwise can't reach. This includes stopped instances.
  7. If you enable EBS volume scanning, you can customize these options:

    EBS targets per scannerCustomize the number of targets a single scanner instance is responsible for scanning. Setting a low number (such as 5) results in faster scans, but requires AWS to create more scanner instances. Setting a high number (such as 50) reduces the number of scanner instances, but results in slower scans. The default is 20.
    Max ASG instancesSet your own limit for how many instances AWS can spin up in the AutoScalingGroup to perform the filesystem scans. The default is 50.
  8. If desired, limit the EC2 instances that Mondoo scans:

    Filter by instance IDsLimit instance scanning to a subset of IDs, separated by commas.i-0d1f840578ca82600,i-07ae83fe5d22600a
    Filter by regionsLimit instance scanning to a subset of regions, separating values with,us-east-2
    Filter by tagsTo Limit instance scanning to a subset of tags, separated with commas.Name:testname, env:test
  9. Set ECS, S3, and ECR options:


    Discover and scan ECS containersUse Amazon ECS Exec to scan Fargate containers.
    Trigger on S3 bucket eventsTrigger a scan whenever a change is made to an S3 bucket.
    Discover and scan ECR imagesInclude ECR images in asset discovery and scan them when found.
  10. Select the START SCANNING button.

  11. Follow the instructions to launch the AWS CloudFormation stack (for an account) or StackSet (for an Organization).


Selecting Create does not finalize the integration between Mondoo and AWS. You must launch the AWS CloudFormation stack or StackSet to complete the setup.

Manage an AWS integration

You can view the status of an AWS integration, change its configuration options, and more on its integration page.


Only team members with Editor or Owner access can perform this task.

To access an existing integration:

  1. In the Mondoo Console, navigate to the space containing the integration.

  2. In the side navigation bar, under Integrations, select AWS.


  3. Select the integration you want to view or manage.


View an integration's status

Mondoo shows the status at the top of the integration page, beside the integration name.

Mondoo AWS integration status and actions

Theses are the possible statuses for an AWS integration:

configuringMondoo is sending the scan configuration options to the integration and the integration is saving those options.
activeThe integration is active and healthy.
errorMondoo detected an error during installation.
missingMondoo hasn't received a check-in from the Lambda function for over an hour.
deletedCloudFormation for the integration has been deleted.

Ping an integration

At the top of the integration page, below the integration name, Mondoo shows the time of the last ping.

To ping the integration now, select the ping icon (a heartbeat to the left of the SCAN NOW button).

Request a fresh scan

To see fresh scan results, select the SCAN NOW button. Mondoo retrieves new scan results as soon as possible.

Stop all running scans


Only team members with Editor or Owner access can perform this task.

To stop all currently running AWS scans, on the ellipsis menu of the integration page, select Cancel Scans.

Stop an AWS scan in Mondoo

Retry a failed integration setup

If an error occurred during setup and the CloudFormation stack is now up and running but the integration is unhealthy, you can try to return it to a healthy state: Select the ellipsis to the right of the integration name and select Retry Setup.

Enable and disable policies for an AWS integration

The RECOMMENDED POLICIES tab on the integration page lists policies that can help you protect your AWS environment. It shows which policies are enabled and disabled.


Only team members with Editor or Owner access can perform this task.

Policies for a Mondoo AWS integration

Use the toggle on the right side of each policy's row to enable or disable the policy.

To learn more about policies, read Policy as Code.

Reconfigure an AWS integration


Only team members with Editor or Owner access can perform this task.

The CONFIGURATION tab on the integration page shows the current settings and lets you make changes.

Reconfigure a Mondoo AWS integration

To learn about individual settings, read the sections under the Set up a new AWS integration section above.

Remove an integration


Only team members with Editor or Owner access can perform this task.

To remove an integration, select the Remove (trash can) icon at the top of the integration page.

Remove an AWS Mondoo integration

A notification displays with a link to the CloudFormation Stacks list in the AWS console. Select the link and, in the AWS console, delete the stack. This removes the configured integration from Mondoo Platform and deletes the rule allowing the Mondoo AWS account to send events to the target account.

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