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Manage Compliance - Overview

Mondoo continuously evaluates your compliance with major frameworks, including SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and many more. It assesses all of your assets based on the framework's requirements and provides real-time success and failure data. You always know:

  • How close your infrastructure is to 100% compliance

  • Which guidelines within the framework you currently do and don't meet

  • What changes you must make (to which assets) to reach compliance

Because Mondoo automatically and continuously collects the data required to assess compliance, you don't face extra labor and frustrating surprises at audit time. Evidence of compliance is available to you at all times.

Mondoo takes compliance framework documentation (the written requirements or guidelines) and translates it into code that evaluates the assets in your infrastructure. It checks whether each asset meets each applicable requirement and reports the results in real time.

To evaluate your organization's compliance with industry-standard regulatory frameworks, you must: