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Mondoo 9.12 is out!

Β· 5 min read
Mondoo Core Team

πŸ₯³ Mondoo 9.12 is out! This release includes improved asset UX, expanded AWS/MS365 resources, and more!​

Get this release: Installation Docs | Package Downloads | Docker Container


Check overview summary information​

We added an overview to the Checks tab for each of your assets. Now you can quickly grasp the state of checks and see the most important recommended actions.

Check Overview

View exceptions on policy cards​

New information on the Overview tab for each asset exposes exceptions at a glance. For each policy applied to the asset, you can now see whether (and how many) exceptions are applied.

Exceptions Overview


Updated weekly email notifications​

We rebuilt the Mondoo weekly organization overview emails from the ground up to deliver the most important information about your spaces... and with a fresh new design to top it all off. The email still shows an overview of scores in your spaces, but now also includes top vulnerabilities, end-of-life assets, and a count of improving vs. worsening asset scores.

Check Overview

New fields and defaults in resources​


  • Default fields now display domainName, issuer, createdAt, and notAfter
  • New keyAlgorithm field
  • New serial field
  • New source field
  • New issuer field
  • New issuedAt field
  • New importedAt field


  • New status field
  • New sizeBytes field


  • Default fields now display name, type, and region
  • New createdAt field


  • New storageEncrypted field
  • New storageAllocated field
  • New storageIops field
  • New storageType field
  • New status field
  • New createdTime field
  • New backupRetentionPeriod field
  • New autoMinorVersionUpgrade field
  • New clusterDbInstanceClass field
  • New engine field
  • New engineVersion field
  • New publiclyAccessible field
  • New multiAZ field
  • New deletionProtection field


  • New engine field
  • New status field
  • New allocatedStorage field


  • New privateDnsEnabled field
  • New state field
  • New createdAt field


  • New createdAt field
  • New destination field
  • New maxAggregationInterval field
  • New trafficType field


  • New tags field


  • New assignIpv6AddressOnCreation field
  • New state field


  • Default fields now display login, name, email, and company​

  • New visibility field


  • New externalInOutlook field


  • New resource with identity, allowList, and enabled fields


  • New resource with allowAnonymousUsersToJoinMeeting, allowAnonymousUsersToStartMeeting, autoAdmittedUsers, allowPSTNUsersToBypassLobby, meetingChatEnabledType, designatedPresenterRoleMode, allowExternalParticipantGiveRequestControl, and allowSecurityEndUserReporting fields


  • New resource with identity, blockedDomains, allowFederatedUsers, allowPublicUsers, allowTeamsConsumer, allowTeamsConsumerInbound, treatDiscoveredPartnersAsUnverified, sharedSipAddressSpace, and restrictTeamsConsumerToExternalUserProfiles fields


  • New onPremisesSyncEnabled field


  • A new resource that simplifies accessing channel, direct message, and group message data. This replaces the conversations field in the slack resource.

German/Italian support in Windows Security policy​

We've reworked our Windows Security policy to fully support both Windows Server and Workstation editions with the language set to either German or Italian.

New checks in HTTP Security policy​

Our HTTP security policy now includes additional checks to ensure that Content Security Policy (CSP) and Strict-Transport-Security (HSTS) headers are set. New groups in this policy ensure that checks are grouped by protocol and only enabled when appropriate.

Complete Microsoft 365 scanning, anywhere​

Sit back for a moment while I put on my engineer's hat. Sometimes, APIs are hard. Perhaps the best example is Microsoft 365. Some data can be retrieved using their Golang SDK, but much of the API can only be accessed through PowerShell.

Until now, Mondoo queried the necessary data using both methods and returned MQL as if it were easyβ€”that isβ€”if you were on Windows with PowerShell. On Linux, macOS, or using a Mondoo integration, queries that relied on PowerShell-gathered data failed.

But no more! cnquery and cnspec now query Microsoft 365 data using PowerShell installed on macOS / Linux systems so that Mondoo Platform integrations now successfully run these queries.


  • Don't allow creating an exception for a control/asset/check more than once.
  • Resolve multiple edge cases in multi-select when setting up exceptions.
  • Improve the rendering of code blocks in the console.
  • Improve performance loading pages in the console.
  • Add validation of IP addresses in the Domain/IP integration.
  • Don't remove previously rejected exceptions when removing the current exception.
  • Fix detecting platform IDs for Kubernetes operator manifests.
  • Reduce network traffic when scanning assets with cnspec.
  • Fix failures setting sudo to active in an inventory file.
  • Add API retries to the Slack resources to better handle throttling while querying large amounts of data.
  • Improve the suggestion text when checks, assets, or data queries tabs are empty in Compliance Hub.
  • Fix failures running cnspec vuln.
  • Add back the feature flag for Kubernetes node scanning that was accidentally removed in the 9.0 release.