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Mondoo 5.6.0 is out!

· 2 min read
Mondoo Core Team

🥳 mondoo 5.6.0 is out!


  • Windows 2022 support
  • Extended the audit and remediation documentation on the AWS policy
  • Update "Mondoo Platform End-of-Life Policy" to use the sh built-in command instead of which to determine if an executable is in the path since not all platforms have which by default
  • New to the MQL time resource: and time.tomorrow
  • Improve AWS CIS Operational Best Practices policies with more descriptions
  • Include SuSE and macOS AWS EC2 instances in integration statistics overview
  • Improved the messaging on the AWS integration when in an unhealthy state


  • Community uploaded policies are now always marked as private
  • Fix an issue where duplicated queries across policies would not be correctly reported
  • Fix an issue where asset connection issues in discovery phase where reported but have not lead to exit code 1
  • Fix AWS instance tag filter for SSM integration
  • Fix operator precedence bug where a query like: false && false || true resulted in a false value
  • Fixed issue where a portion of the app would spin when a failed token refresh resulted in a 401
  • Handle case where non-reachable assets detected in discovery phase were not used for exit codes
  • Properly error out when we could not retrieve the platform details for arista


  • Modified the AWS integration Mondoo Lambda role to have stricter permissions. This change requires users to manually update the CloudFormation by navigating to the AWS CloudFormation console and selecting the Update button. No additional configuration options are required.