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Mondoo 5.10.0 is out!

· One min read
Mondoo Core Team

🥳 mondoo 5.10.0 is out!


  • Updates to CIS DIL and Linux policies, networking queries added and others with improved accuracy.
  • New MQL query feature: string array.where(/regex/) now supported! Where regex


  • Introduced regex flags i, m, and s for interacting with regex queries in MQL

    • i for case-insensitive pattern matching

    • s allows . to match newlines

    • m allows the matching of entire lines with ^ and $ for beginning and end of line

    regex flags

  • Introduce common regex resource in MQL, allowing for easy use of common regex patterns. common regex


  • Fix file resource Setuid and Setgid detection for the local transport
  • Fix bug where incorrect file permissions would be cached
  • Fix bug where errors would not be correctly propagated and would lead to execution timeouts