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Mondoo 11.9 is out!

ยท 4 min read
Mondoo Core Team

๐Ÿฅณ Mondoo 11.9 is out! This release includes Windows filesystem scanning, expanded IaC reporting, and more!โ€‹

Get this release: Installation Docs | Package Downloads | Docker Container


Windows filesystem scanningโ€‹

Need to inspect a Windows system, but don't have access to install cnquery on the system? Now you can attach the drive, or a snapshot of the drive, to another Windows system and run cnquery shell complete with access to all of Mondoo's Windows MQL resources.

Run cnquery shell against a drive by serial number:

./cnquery.exe shell device --serial-number 123455

Run cnquery shell against a specific LUN:

./cnquery.exe shell device --lun 2


Infrastructure as code inventory groupโ€‹

Find Mondoo scanned Infrastructure as Code (IaC) files quickly with a new Infrastructure as Code asset group in the Mondoo console inventory page:

IaC asset group

Improved risk factor displayโ€‹

We improved the risk assessment view on CVE and advisory pages so you can better understand which risks apply to assets and which don't.

Risk Factors

Expanded Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) policy supportโ€‹

The Mondoo Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) policy now detects systems running Windows Defender with up-to-date definition files.

Kubernetes service discoveryโ€‹

Expand visibility into your Kubernetes cluster with discovery of Kubernetes services as assets in the Mondoo console.

Find files by permissionโ€‹

Use the expanded files.find MQL resource to find files containing specific permissions across entire filesystems or specific paths . Pass in standard UNIX octal permission values to find files containing those permissions. Note: This is not an exact match. Searching for '0001' returns all files with execute on other, even if they also have read and write on other.

cnquery> files.find(from: "/etc", type: "file", xdev: false, permissions: 0001)
files.find.list: [
0: file path="/etc/periodic/daily/999.local" size=712 permissions.string="-rwxr-xr-x"
1: file path="/etc/periodic/monthly/999.local" size=606 permissions.string="-rwxr-xr-x"
2: file path="/etc/periodic/weekly/999.local" size=620 permissions.string="-rwxr-xr-x"
3: file path="/etc/security/audit_warn" size=1326 permissions.string="-r-xr-xr-x"

Resource updatesโ€‹


  • New tags field. Thanks for this contribution, @Pauti!


  • New enabled field.


  • Better handle nil values for deprecatedAt or createdAt fields in the aws.ec2.image resource.
  • Add asset.runtime value to CloudFormation assets.
  • Fix large numbers of advisories or vulnerabilities not displaying correctly on assets.
  • Don't show unknown cloud asset inventory information for containers.
  • Improve the performance of macOS asset inventory gathering.
  • Report unknown serial numbers when OEMs have not set a serial number.
  • Fix a failure when scanning Microsoft 365 tenants without a Teams protection policy.
  • Fix false negatives for Azure PostgreSQL flexible server checks in the CIS Azure Foundations benchmark policy.
  • Fix cancelling jobs for AWS serverless integrations.
  • Improve reliability of container pulling checks in both CIS and Mondoo Kubernetes policies.
  • Improve reliability of ephemeral container checks in the Mondoo Kubernetes Cluster and Workload Security policy.
  • Fix duplicate vulnerability data in S3 exports.
  • Improve wording in risk factor descriptions.
  • Fix duplicate software displaying on the asset software tab.
  • Group Shodan scans under the Network Devices inventory category.
  • Improve performance fetching AWS EFS filesystem data.
  • Better handle AWS rate limiting when fetching AWS IAM Credential Report information.
  • Fix a failure fetching networkConfig information within the gcp.project.gke.cluster resource.
  • Fix failing integrations not displaying as failing.
  • Fix failures scanning larger AWS accounts using the serverless AWS integration.
  • Don't allow clicking the update integration button in the Kubernetes integration form if nothing has changed.
  • Improve reliability of EOL risk factor in the affected assets page.
  • Add EOL date for openSUSE 15.5.
  • Improve formatting in generated package vulnerability remediation scripts.
  • Display the complete product name of "Azure SQL Database Server" for "azure-sql-server" platform assets in the console.
  • Fix vulnerability scanning on RPM-based systems when using EBS snapshot scanning.
  • Fix the Mondoo-hosted AWS integrations not scanning cloud resources as individual assets.
  • Fix incorrect coloring for the Known Exploitable Vulnerability risk factor badge.