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Mondoo 5.17.1 is out!

ยท 4 min read
Mondoo Core Team

๐Ÿฅณ mondoo 5.17.1 is out!


Terraform Policy

  • Added Terraform Static Analysis Policy for AWS (Early Access)


Network targets

We first released the tls resource back in 5.12.2, and the dns resource in 5.11.0. This was 1 month ago and today we are taking the next step at making them applicable by adding new ways to target assets.

First, we added the host:// target:

> mondoo shell -t host://

Once connected, you can run queries like this:

TLS on host://

Additionally, we expose this information via the platform resource:

Platform on host://

Alternatively you can also use the tls:// target for this use-case as well, and we are planning to expand these to provide contextual information to the MQL engine.

DNS policy

We added a baseline policy to check your DNS security called: Mondoo DNS Baseline (Early Access). As you can see, it's still in early access and we'd love to hear what else you might want to see!


To scan for DNS, run the following:

mondoo scan -t host:// --incognito --policy '//'

TLS policy

We also added a policy for TLS security called: Mondoo TLS/SSL Baseline. This policy will be expanded over the course of time with more tests. Check out our community channel and let us know if you want to test more features!


To scan for TLS, run the following

mondoo scan -t host:// --incognito --policy '//'

Scanning multiple Hosts

To scan multiple hosts, create a new domainlist.txt file that includes domains separated by newlines:

Then you can pipe that domain inventory to mondoo:

cat domainlist.txt | mondoo scan --domainlist-inventory

Certificate resource

You can now check if a certificate has been revoked. This is done via OCSP requests to see if that certificate has been revoked. In all cases where OCSP information has not been provided, the value for this field will be null.

When a certificate is revoked, you can additionally access the revocation time via the field revokedAt.

TLS is revoked check

Note: This feature is currently limited to TLS checks. Please ping us in our community channel if you need it for standalone certificates as well!

TLS extensions

Additionally, we added tests for a few TLS extensions. Amongst others, we now support 3 extensions:

  • server_name Indicates that the serve supports Server Name Indication (SNI). You can access all SNI certificates via the certificates field and non-SNI certificates via nonSniCertificates
  • fake_server_name When a fake SNI name is sent to the server, this indicates that we get a response without any alerts from the server. This means that the server doesn't leak information about the name.
  • renegotiation_info Shows that the server supports secure TLS renegotiations (via TLS 1.2 and 1.3)

TLS extensions


  • Map fields via the #map( .. ) function to flatten list. For example: to get a flat list of user names.
  • Include tags on more AWS resources for discoverability
  • Allow machineid as a platform identifier
  • More AWS resource MQL documentation


  • Use numbers for the entry.shadow resource (was string)
  • Properly detect AWS arm instances
  • Ensure asset state and asset name are always updated
  • Only update platform name when valid
  • Fix ec2-managedinstance-association-compliance-status-check query
  • Ensure incognito runs do not try to report to Mondoo Platform
  • Resolve refs in arrays
  • Fix recursive operator with arrays and maps
  • Array to nil comparison
  • Fix url parsing on domain list inventory
  • Fix displayed errors for missing upstream policies