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Mondoo 5.19.0 is out!

ยท 2 min read
Mondoo Core Team

๐Ÿฅณ mondoo 5.19.0 is out!


  • Make asset name consistent for AWS instances regardless of the transport or discovery mechanism used
  • Add additional fields to theaws.rds.dbinstance resource
    • dbInstanceClass: name of the compute and memory capacity class of the DB instance
    • dbInstanceIdentifier: user-supplied unique key that identifies a DB instance
    • engine: name of the database engine for this DB instance
    • securityGroups: list of VPC security group elements that the DB instance belongs to
    • status: current state of this database
  • Detect services managed by systemd for FS based transports
  • Handle Terraform template wrap expressions
  • Add advisory support for Ubuntu 21.10
  • Improve printing of assessments for blocks


  • mondoo scan -o now accepts json and yml for report output formats. Before, json support was claimed but did not work, and yaml support worked, but did not accept yml
  • Fix panic when using the AWS S3 resource
  • Fix potential panic if scan results fail to store
  • Fix issue where the assessment for package("foo").installed would be missing, but package("foo").installed == true would work
  • Fix bug where AWS S3 buckets without tags return an error when no tags are present
  • Update asset filter for CIS Distribution Independent Linux Benchmark Level 1 for Container so that it only runs for containers
  • Use public IP instead of public DNS for EC2 Instance Connect since not all instances have a public DNS entry