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Mondoo 4.15.0 is out!

· One min read
Christoph Hartmann
Mondoo Core Team

🥳 mondoo 4.15.0 is out! It ships with many new MQL resources, new CIS benchmarks for macOS 10.15 and macOS 11.


  • New Mondoo update notifications in Mondoo Console

Mondoo Console Update Notifications

  • new CIS Benchmark for macOS 10.15 and macOS 11 (beta)

CIS Benchmark for macOS

  • new MQL array functions for query language []array.unique & []array.duplicates

MQL array functions

  • new MQL string function for upper case string.upcase

MQL upcase

  • new MQL parse json feature parse.json(content: '{ "a": "b"}')

MQL json parse

MQL resources for macos

  • new MQL parse.plist resource to parse plist files on macOS

MQL resources to parse plist file

  • new MQL uuid resource

MQL resources to parse uuid


  • SSH user fallback: When mondoo scan -t host is used without a user, we fallback to the current user to mimic ssh agent behaviour