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Mondoo Operating Systems (OS) Resource Pack Reference

In this pack:

auditpolWindows audit policies
auditpol.entryWindows audit policy
commandResults of running a command on the system
container.imageContainer Image
container.repositoryContainer registry repository
dockerDocker host resource
docker.containerDocker container
docker.imageDocker image
equinix.metal.deviceEquinix Metal device
equinix.metal.organizationEquinix Metal organization
equinix.metal.projectEquinix Metal project
equinix.metal.sshkeyEquinix Metal SSH key
equinix.metal.userEquinix Metal user
files.findFind files on the system efficiently
ip6tablesIPv6 tables
iptablesIPv4 tables
logindefsShadow password suite configuration
lsblkUnix list block devices
lsblk.entryUnix block device
machine.baseboardSMBIOS baseboard (or module) information
machine.biosSMBIOS BIOS information
machine.chassisSMBIOS system enclosure or chassis
machine.systemSMBIOS system information
macosmacOS specific resources
macos.alfmacOS application layer firewall (ALF) service
macos.securitymacOS keychains and security framework
macos.systemsetupmacOS machine settings
macos.timemachinemacOS Time Machine
mountUnix Mounted Filesystem
mount.pointUnix mount point
ntp.confNTP service configuration
osOperating system information
os.rootCertificatesOperating system root certificates
os.updateOperating system update information
pam.confPAM configuration (Pluggable Authentication Module)
powershellResults of running a PowerShell script on the system
registrykeyWindows registry key
registrykey.propertyWindows registry key property
rsyslog.confRsyslog service configuration
secpolWindows local security policy
serviceService on this system
servicesServices configured on this system
shadowShadowed Password File
shadow.entryShadowed password file entry
sshdSSH server resource
sshd.configSSH server configuration
windowsWindows-specific resource to get operating system details
windows.bitlockerWindows BitLocker
windows.bitlocker.volumeWindows BitLocker volume
windows.featureWindows feature resource
windows.firewallWindows Firewall resource
windows.firewall.profileWindows Firewall profile entry
windows.firewall.ruleWindows Firewall rule entry
windows.hotfixWindows hotfix resource the health for Windows security provider
yumYum package manager resource
yum.repoYum repository resource