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macOS machine settings


datestringCurrent date
timestringCurrent time in 24-hour format
timeZonestringCurrent time zone
usingNetworkTimestringWhether network time is on or off
networkTimeServerstringConfigured network time server
sleep[]stringAmount of idle time until the machine sleeps
displaySleepstringAmount of idle time until the display sleeps
harddiskSleepstringAmount of idle time until the hard disk sleeps
wakeOnModemstringWhether wake on modem is on or off
wakeOnNetworkAccessstringWhether wake on network access is on or off
restartPowerFailurestringWhether restart on power failure is on or off
restartFreezestringWhether restart on freeze is on or off
allowPowerButtonToSleepComputerstringWhether the power button can sleep the computer
remoteLoginstringWhether remote login (SSH) is on or off
remoteAppleEventsstringWhether remote Apple events are on or off
computerNamestringComputer name
localSubnetNamestringLocal subnet name
startupDiskstringCurrent startup disk
waitForStartupAfterPowerFailurestringNumber of seconds after which the computer will start up after a power failure
disableKeyboardWhenEnclosureLockIsEngagedstringWhether the keyboard is disabled when the X Serve enclosure lock is engaged