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Mondoo Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Resource Pack Reference

In this pack:

ociOracle Cloud Infrastructure Tenant
oci.compartmentOCI Compartment
oci.computeOCI compute
oci.compute.imageOCI Compute Image
oci.compute.instanceOCI Compute Instance
oci.identityOCI Identity
oci.identity.apiKeyOCI API Key a PEM-format RSA credential
oci.identity.authTokenOCI token string
oci.identity.customerSecretKeyOCI CustomerSecretKey for OCI Object Storage Service
oci.identity.groupOCI collection of users
oci.identity.policyPolicy specifies the type of access a group has to the resources in a compartment
oci.identity.userOCI Identity User
oci.networkOCI Networking VCN SecurityList virtual firewall rules Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)
oci.objectStorageOCI Object Storage
oci.objectStorage.bucketOCI Object Storage Bucket
oci.regionOCI Region
oci.tenancyOCI Tenancy