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Mondoo Core Resource Pack Reference

In this pack:

assetGeneral asset information
audit.advisoryPlatform/package advisory
audit.cveCommon Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)
audit.cvssCommon Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) Score
authorizedkeysList of SSH Authorized Keys
authorizedkeys.entrySSH authorized keys entry
certificatex509 certificate resource
dnsDNS resource
dns.dkimRecordDKIM public key representation as defined in RFC 6376
dns.mxRecordDNS MX record
dns.recordDNS record
domainNameDomain name
fileFile on the system
file.permissionsAccess permissions for a given file
groupGroup on this system
groupsGroups configured on this system
kernelSystem kernel information
kernel.moduleSystem kernel module information
mondooProvide contextual information about MQL runtime and environment
mondoo.assetMondoo asset information
mondoo.eolReturns platform EOL date information
openpgp.entityOpenPGP Entity
openpgp.identityOpenPGP Identity
openpgp.publicKeyOpenPGP Public Key
openpgp.signatureOpenPGP Signature
packagePackage on the platform or OS
packagesList of packages on this system
parseParse provides common parsers (json, ini, certs, etc)
parse.certificatesParse Certificates from files
parse.iniParse INI files
parse.jsonParse JSON files
parse.openpgpParse OpenPGP from files
parse.plistParse plist files
parse.yamlParse YAML files
pkix.extensionx509 certificate PKIX extension
pkix.namex509 certificate PKIX name
platformCommon platform information (OS, API, Service)
platform.advisoriesReturns all platform/package advisories
platform.cvesReturns all platform/package cves
platform.eolInformation about the platform end-of-life
platform.virtualizationHardware virtualization information
portTCP/IP port on the system
portsTCP/IP ports on the system
privatekeyPrivate Key Resource
processProcess on this system
processesProcesses available on this system
regexBuiltin regular expression functions
socketstatsSocket stats from ss command
timeDate and time functions
userUser on this system
usersUsers configured on this system
uuidUUIDs based on RFC 4122 and DCE 1.1