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Mondoo Arista EOS Resource Pack Reference

The Arista EOS resource pack lets you use MQL to query and assess the security of your Arista EOS network devices.

Resources included in this pack:

arista.eosArista EOS resource
arista.eos.interfaceArista EOS interface resource
arista.eos.ipInterfaceArista EOS IP interface
arista.eos.ntpSettingArista EOS NTP information resource
arista.eos.roleArista EOS role resource
arista.eos.runningConfigArista EOS system’s operating configuration
arista.eos.runningConfig.sectionArista EOS system’s operating configuration for a specific section
arista.eos.snmpSettingArista EOS SNMP information resource
arista.eos.spt.mstInterfaceMultiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) information for a specified interface
arista.eos.stpArista Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) resource
arista.eos.stp.mstArista Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) resource instance
arista.eos.userArista EOS local user