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Mondoo Network Resource Pack Reference

The Network resource pack lets you use MQL to query and assess the security of domains and network services.

Resources included in this pack:

certificatex509 certificate resource
certificatesx509 certificates resource
dnsDNS resource
dns.dkimRecordDKIM public key representation as defined in RFC 6376
dns.mxRecordDNS MX record
dns.recordDNS record
domainNameDomain name
httpHTTP endpoint
http.getHTTP GET requests
http.headerHTTP header
http.header.contentTypeContent-Type header
http.header.setCookieSet-Cookie header
http.header.stsHTTP header for Strict-Transport-Security
http.header.xssProtectionHTTP header for X-XSS-Protection, which is now outdated (replaced by CSP)
openpgp.entityOpenPGP entity
openpgp.identityOpenPGP identity
openpgp.publicKeyOpenPGP public key
openpgp.signatureOpenPGP signature
pkix.extensionx509 certificate PKIX extension
pkix.namex509 certificate PKIX name
pkix.sanExtensionx509 certificate PKIX Subject Alternative Name (SAN) extension
urlURL resource, generally represented as: