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Mondoo GitHub Resource Pack Reference

The GitHub resource pack lets you use MQL to query and assess the security of your GitHub organizations and repositories.

Resources included in this pack:

git.commitGit commit
git.commitAuthorGit commit author
git.gpgSignatureGit GPG signature
github.branchGitHub repository branch
github.branchprotectionGitHub repository branch protection
github.collaboratorGitHub collaborator
github.commitGitHub repository commit
github.fileGitHub repository file
github.gistGitHub gist
github.gistfileGitHub gist file
github.installationGitHub application installation
github.issueGitHub issue
github.licenseGitHub license
github.mergeRequestGitHub repository pull request
github.organizationGitHub organization
github.packageGitHub package
github.releaseGitHub release
github.repositoryGitHub repository
github.reviewGitHub repository review
github.teamGitHub team
github.userGitHub user
github.webhookGitHub webhook
github.workflowGitHub workflow