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GitHub organization


loginstringOrganization login
idintOrganization ID
nodeIdstringOrganization global node ID
namestringOrganization name
companystringOrganization company
blogstringOrganization blog
locationstringOrganization location
emailstringOrganization email
twitterUsernamestringOrganization Twitter handle
avatarUrlstringOrganization profile picture URL
followersintOrganization's number of followers
followingintNumber of organizations the organization is following
descriptionstringOrganization description
createdAttimeCreate time for the organization
updatedAttimeUpdate time for the organization
totalPrivateReposintNumber of private repositories
ownedPrivateReposintNumber of owned private repositories for the organization
privateGistsintNumber of private gists
diskUsageintDisk usage for the organization
collaboratorsintNumber of collaborators for the organization
billingEmailstringOrganization billing email
plandictGitHub plan the organization is subscribed to
twoFactorRequirementEnabledboolWhether two-factor authentication is required for all members. This value will be null if the API token does not have owner access on the organization.
isVerifiedboolWhether the organization is verified by GitHub
defaultRepositoryPermissionstringThe default repository permission
membersCanCreateRepositoriesboolWhether members can create repositories
membersCanCreatePublicRepositoriesboolWhether members can create public repositories
membersCanCreatePrivateRepositoriesboolWhether members can create private repositories
membersCanCreateInternalRepositoriesboolWhether members can create internal repositories
membersCanCreatePagesboolWhether members can create pages
membersCanCreatePublicPagesboolWhether members can create public pages
membersCanCreatePrivatePagesboolWhether members can create private pages
membersCanForkPrivateReposboolWhether members can fork private repositories to their own GitHub account
owners[]github.userList of users that are part of the owners group
members[]github.userList of users that are part of the members group
teams[]github.teamList of users that are part of the teams group
repositories[]github.repositoryList of repositories
installations[]github.installationList of GitHub installations
webhooks[]github.webhookList of webhooks
packages[]github.packageList of packages
hasOrganizationProjectsboolWhether the organization has projects
hasRepositoryProjectsboolWhether projects in the organization have projects