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GitHub repository


github.repository(name string)


idintcan only be used when logged in to github as a user, Repository ID
namestringRepository name
fullNamestringRepository full name
descriptionstringRepository description
cloneUrlstringRepository clone URL
sshUrlstringRepository SSH URL
homepagestringRepository homepage
topics[]stringRepository topics
languagestringRepository language
watchersCountintNumber of users watching the repository
forksCountintNumber of repository forks
stargazersCountintNumber of repository stargazers
openIssuesCountintNumber of open issues in repository
createdAttimeRepository create time
updatedAttimeRepository update time
pushedAttimeRepository pushed time
archivedboolWhether the repository is archived
disabledboolWhether the repository is disabled
privateboolWhether the repository is private
isForkboolWhether the repository is a fork
visibilitystringRepository visibility
allowAutoMergeboolWhether the repository allows auto merging
allowForkingboolWhether the repository allows forking
allowMergeCommitboolWhether the repository allows merge commit
allowRebaseMergeboolWhether the repository allows rebase merge
allowSquashMergeboolWhether the repository allows squash merge
hasIssuesboolWhether the repository has open issues
hasProjectsboolWhether the repository has projects
hasWikiboolWhether the repository has a wiki
hasPagesboolWhether the repository has pages
hasDownloadsboolWhether the repository has downloads
hasDiscussionsboolWhether the repository has discussions
isTemplateboolWhether the repository is an organization repository template
openMergeRequests[]github.mergeRequestList of open merge requests for the repository
closedMergeRequests[]github.mergeRequestList of closed merge requests for the repository
allMergeRequests[]github.mergeRequestList of all merge requests for the repository
branches[]github.branchList of branches for the repository
defaultBranchNamestringDefault branch name for the repository
commits[]github.commitList of commits for the repository
contributors[]github.userList of contributors for the repository
collaborators[]github.collaboratorList of collaborators for the repository
files[]github.fileList of files in the repository
releases[]github.releaseList of releases for the repository
ownergithub.userRepository owner
webhooks[]github.webhookList of webhooks for the repository
workflows[]github.workflowList of workflows for the repository
forks[]github.repositoryList of repository forks
stargazers[]github.userList of repository stargazers
openIssues[]github.issueList of repository open issues
closedIssues[]github.issueList of repository closed issues
licensegithub.licenseRepository license