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General asset information


namestringHuman readable name of the asset
ids[]stringAll identifiers for this asset
platformstringPlatform for this asset (redhat, windows, k8s-pod)
kindstringKind of platform, for example:, api, baremetal, vm, vm-image, container, container-image, network, ...
runtimestringRuntime is the specific kind of the platform. Examples include:, docker-container, podman-container, aws-ec2-instance, ...
versionstringVersion of the platform
archstringArchitecture this OS is running on
titlestringHuman-readable title of the platform (e.g., "Red Hat 8, Container")
family[]stringList of platform families that this platform belongs to
fqdnstringFully qualified domain name (optional)
buildstringBuild version of the platform (optional)
labelsmap[string]stringOptional platform information
annotationsmap[string]stringCustom annotations (tags) on the asset