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Windows Firewall profile entry


namestringName of the profile
enabledintWhether the firewall is enabled on this profile
defaultInboundActionintDefault action for inbound traffic
defaultOutboundActionintDefault action for outbound traffic
allowInboundRulesintWhether administrators can create firewall rules that allow unsolicited inbound traffic (if 0, such rules are ignored)
allowLocalFirewallRulesintWhether local firewall rules should merge into the effective policy along with group policy settings
allowLocalIPsecRulesintWhether local IPsec rules should merge into the effective policy along with rules from group policy
allowUserAppsintWhether to respect user allowed applications created in the legacy firewall
allowUserPortsintWhether to respect globally opened ports created in the legacy firewall
allowUnicastResponseToMulticastintWhether to allow unicast responses to multicast traffic
notifyOnListenintWhether to notify users when an application listens on a port that is closed
enableStealthModeForIPsecintWhether to use stealth mode for IPsec-protected traffic
logMaxSizeKilobytesintMaximum size the log file can reach before being rotated
logAllowedintWhether to log allowed packets
logBlockedintWhether to log blocked traffic
logIgnoredintWhether to log an event when rules are ignored
logFileNamestringFilename in which to store the firewall log