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Mondoo 4.10.0 is out!

· One min read
Christoph Hartmann
Mondoo Core Team

🥳 mondoo 4.10.0 is out and it's a adding more quality to our backend and web dashboard. In addition it ships with the latest CIS Amazon Web Services Foundations Benchmark 1.4.0.


  • CIS Amazon Web Services Foundations Benchmark 1.4.0
  • new discovery process to synchronize assets before individual scans are executed
  • AWS SSM jobs load their config from SSM parameter store
  • Added Windows setup installation instruction to web dashboard
  • Added Alpine 3.11 vulnerability support
  • Added support for multi-region AWS SSM scan
  • New Mondoo VMware appliance as ova file


  • Better handling of mondoo service shutdown events
  • SSH config parser can handle same-line comments now
  • Faster detection of new VMware advisories
  • Enhanced AWS SSM commands for Windows and Linux
  • Refined AWS EC2 instance discovery via mondoo integration


  • AWS Integration stability