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Mondoo 3.5.0 is out!

· 2 min read
Christoph Hartmann
Mondoo Core Team

This weeks release focuses on stability, improves the core DQL engine and improves policy queries to report accurate results. In addition, we managed to squeeze a few new features in:

  • A new space wizard helps to quickly setup policies and agents for new spaces
  • Advisories and EOL support for SLES 12, SLES 15, openSUSE and Fedora 32 & 33
  • New Print Button


  • new: dql kernel.installed adds support for the suse family
  • new: added SLES 12, 15 and openSUSE advisory detection
  • new: we added SLES 12, SLES 15, as well as openSUSE 15 to our EOL tracking
  • new: added support for Fedora 32 & 33 advisories (current stable releases)
  • new: added platform eol information for Fedora systems
  • new: added static container analysis for Fedora 33


  • improve: we updated our error handling to make it for users to activate policies
  • improve: sshd.config.params return normalized keys according to ssh spec to ensure the values have the same camelCase
  • improve: extend Ensure time synchronization is in use control for systemd-timesyncd service detection across all benchmarks


  • fix: ssh command execution throw a dql error and prevented dql queries from checking for exit codes
  • fix: we fixed an issue were errors from data queries where not properly removed once they were running successfully
  • fix: the scoring system for policy benchmarks has been updated from worst score to average score
  • fix: vmware advisories have been updated to ensure 2021 advisories are properly stored in our database
  • fix: handle case where dql query timeouts had influence on follow-up queries
  • fix: update implementation of Ensure cron daemon is enabled and running for RHEL-benchmarks
  • fix: Ensure system accounts are secured also checks for /usr/sbin/nologin for Ubuntu-benchmarks
  • fix: handle case where hardened Windows 2019 installations do not return their product type, we fallback to member server as default
  • fix: we fixed the implementation of Windows 2019 queries and 2.2.32
  • fix: fallback to /etc/hostname for platform identifier if hostname command is missing e.g on Arch Linux

New Space Wizard


New Print Button