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Supported platform

  • aws


Field to match


ruleNamestringName of the rule this statement belongs to
statementIDstringID of the statement
methodboolWhether to match the HTTP method: GET or POST
uriPathboolWhether to match the URI path
queryStringboolWhether to match the query string
allQueryArgumentsboolWhether to match all query arguments
bodyaws.waf.rule.fieldtomatch.bodyWhether to match the body (match if not null)
cookieaws.waf.rule.fieldtomatch.cookieWhether to match the cookie (match if not null)
singleHeaderaws.waf.rule.fieldtomatch.singleheaderWhether to match the single header (match if not null)
headerOrderaws.waf.rule.fieldtomatch.headerorderWhether to match the header order (match if not null)
headersaws.waf.rule.fieldtomatch.headersWhether to match the header (match if not null)
ja3Fingerprintaws.waf.rule.fieldtomatch.ja3fingerprintWhether to match the JA3 fingerprint (match if not null)
jsonBodyaws.waf.rule.fieldtomatch.jsonbodyWhether to match the JSON body (match if not null)
singleQueryArgumentaws.waf.rule.fieldtomatch.singlequeryargumentWhether to match the single query argument of the field (match if not null)