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Supported platform

  • aws


Amazon EC2 instance

The aws.ec2.instance resource provides fields for assessing the configuration of EC2 instances within an account. For usage, see aws.ec2 resource documentation.


arnstringARN for the instance
instanceIdstringInstance ID for the instance
detailedMonitoringstringWhether detailed monitoring is enabled
regionstringRegion where the instance exists
publicIpstringPublic IP for instance
ssmdictAmazon Systems Manager information for the instance
vpcaws.vpcVPC associated with the instance
httpTokensstringA value of "optional" denotes IMDSv1 server compatibility; "required" denotes IMDSv2
httpEndpointstringStatus of the IMDS endpoint enabled on the instance
patchStatedictPatch state information about the instance
statestringState of the instance: pending, running, stopping, stopped, rebooting, or terminated
deviceMappings[]aws.ec2.instance.deviceList of devices attached to the instance (such as EBS volume)
securityGroups[]aws.ec2.securitygroupList of security groups (IDs) associated with the instance
platformDetailsstringPlatform details
publicDnsNamestringPublic DNS name for the instance
instanceStatusdictThe status of the specified instance
stateReasondictReason for the most recent state transition
stateTransitionReasonstringReason for the most recent state transition
ebsOptimizedboolWhether the instance has EBS optimization turned on
enaSupportedboolWhether enhanced networking with ENA is enabled
instanceTypestringInstance type, such as t2.micro
tagsmap[string]stringTags on the instance
imageaws.ec2.imageImage that was used for the instance
launchTimetimeLaunch time of the instance
privateIpstringPrivate IP address for the instance
privateDnsNamestringPrivate DNS name for the instance
keypairaws.ec2.keypairKey pair associated with the instance
stateTransitionTimetimeTime when the last state transition occurred
vpcArnstringThe ARN of the VPC associated with the instance
hypervisorstringThe hypervisor type of the instance: ovm or xen
instanceLifecyclestringWhether this is a Spot Instance or a Scheduled Instance: spot, scheduled, or capacity-block
rootDeviceTypestringThe root device type used by the AMI: ebs or instance-store
rootDeviceNamestringThe device name of the root device volume, such as /dev/sda1
architecturestringThe architecture of the instance
tpmSupportstringThe TPM version supported. NitroTPM is enabled if this value is 2.0
networkInterfaces[]aws.ec2.networkinterfaceList of network interfaces for the instance