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Supported platform

  • aws


AWS Elastic Load Balancing load balancer

The aws.elb.loadbalancer resource provides fields for assessing the configuration of individual classic, application, gateway, and network Amazon Elastic Load Balancers. For usage, read the aws.elb documentation.


arnstringARN for the load balancer
dnsNamestringDNS name for the load balancer
listenerDescriptions[]dictList of listener configurations for the load balancer
namestringUser-specified name for the load balancer
schemestringScheme for the load balancer: internet-facing or internal
attributes[]dictA list of attributes for the load balancer
vpcIdstringDeprecated. Use vpc instead
createdTimetimeDate and time when the load balancer was created
availabilityZones[]stringAvailability zone where the load balancer runs
securityGroups[]aws.ec2.securitygroupVPC security groups for the load balancer
hostedZoneIdstringThe ID of the Amazon Route 53 hosted zone associated with the load balancer
regionstringRegion where the load balancer exists
elbTypestringThe type of ELB. Possible values are network, application, gateway, or classic
vpcaws.vpcVPC where the load balancer is located
targetGroups[]aws.elb.targetgroupList of target groups for the load balancer