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Supported platform

  • aws


Amazon Redshift cluster


allowVersionUpgradeboolWhether major upgrades are applied automatically
arnstringARN for the cluster
automatedSnapshotRetentionPeriodintNumber of days automatic cluster snapshots are retained
availabilityZonestringAvailability zone where the cluster exists
clusterParameterGroupNames[]stringList of cluster parameter group names
clusterRevisionNumberstringSpecific revision number of the database in the cluster
clusterStatusstringCurrent state of this cluster: available, creating, deleting, rebooting, renaming, or resizing
clusterSubnetGroupNamestringName of the subnet group associated with the cluster
clusterVersionstringVersion of the Redshift engine running on the cluster
createdAttimeCluster creation timestamp
dbNamestringName of the initial database that was created when the cluster was created
encryptedboolWhether the cluster is encrypted at rest
enhancedVpcRoutingboolWhether enhanced VPC routing is enabled for the cluster traffic
loggingdictLogging configuration for the cluster
masterUsernamestringMaster user name for the cluster.
namestringName of the initial database created when cluster was created
nextMaintenanceWindowStartTimetimeThe next scheduled maintenance window
nodeTypestringThe node type for the nodes in the cluster
numberOfNodesintThe number of nodes in the cluster
parameters[]dictDetailed list of parameters for each parameter group name
preferredMaintenanceWindowstringWeekly time range for system maintenance (in UTC)
publiclyAccessibleboolWhether the cluster is publicly accessible
regionstringRegion where the cluster exists
tagsmap[string]stringTags for the cluster
vpcIdstringThe ID of the VPC where the cluster is running