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Supported platform

  • aws


Amazon CloudWatch metrics alarm

The aws.cloudwatch.metricsalarm object represents an individual AWS CloudWatch metric alarm configured within an account. For usage, read the aws.cloudwatch resource documentation.


arnstringARN for the metric alarm
metricNamestringMetric name associated with the alarm
metricNamespacestringMetric namespace associated with the alarm
regionstringRegion where the alarm exists
actions[]aws.sns.topicList of alarm actions (SNS topic ARNs) associated with the alarm
statestringState of the alarm
stateReasonstringDescription of the reason for the state
insufficientDataActions[]aws.sns.topicList of SNS topic ARNs to trigger for insufficient data actions
okActions[]aws.sns.topicList of SNS topic ARNs to trigger for OK actions
namestringName of the alarm