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Supported platform

  • aws


Amazon S3 bucket

The aws.s3.bucket resource provides fields for assessing the configuration of AWS S3 buckets. For usage, read the aws.s3 resource documentation.


arnstringARN of the bucket
namestringName of the bucket
policyaws.s3.bucket.policyPolicy associated with the bucket
tagsmap[string]stringTags for the bucket
acl[]aws.s3.bucket.grantList of access control grants associated with the bucket
ownermap[string]stringOwner for the bucket
publicboolWhether the bucket is public
cors[]aws.s3.bucket.corsruleList of CORS information for the bucket
locationstringLocation of the bucket
versioningmap[string]stringVersioning state and MFA delete status of bucket
loggingmap[string]stringLogging status and user permissions for bucket logging status
staticWebsiteHostingmap[string]stringWebsite configuration for the bucket
defaultLockstringWhether the bucket is locked by default
replicationdictBucket cross-region replication configuration
encryptiondictBucket encryption configuration
publicAccessBlockdictPublic access block configuration for the bucket
existsboolWhether the bucket still exists (stale reference)
createdTimetimeDate the bucket was created