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Supported platform

  • aws


Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)


arnstringARN of the VPC
idstringID of the VPC
cidrBlockstringIPv4 CIDR block of the VPC
statestringState of the VPC: pending or available
isDefaultboolWhether the VPC is the default VPC
instanceTenancystringHow instance hardware tenancy settings are enforced on instances launched in this VPC
regionstringRegion in which the VPC exists
endpoints[]aws.vpc.endpointList of endpoints for the VPC
flowLogs[]aws.vpc.flowlogList of flow logs for the VPC
routeTables[]aws.vpc.routetableList of route tables for the VPC
subnets[]aws.vpc.subnetList of subnets for the VPC
tagsmap[string]stringTags on the VPC
natGateways[]aws.vpc.natgatewayNAT gateways
serviceEndpoints[]aws.vpc.serviceEndpointList of service endpoints associated with the VPC
peeringConnections[]aws.vpc.peeringConnectionList of peering connections associated with the VPC