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Supported platform

  • aws


Amazon EKS cluster


namestringName of the cluster
arnstringARN of the cluster
regionstringRegion for the cluster
tagsmap[string]stringA map of tags associated with the cluster
endpointstringThe endpoint of Kubernetes API server
versionstringKubernetes server version
platformVersionstringAmazon EKS cluster version
statusstringCluster status
encryptionConfig[]dictEncryption configuration for the cluster
loggingdictCluster logging configuration
networkConfigdictKubernetes network configuration
resourcesVpcConfigdictVPC configuration
createdAttimeCluster creation timestamp
nodeGroups[]aws.eks.nodegroupList of EKS node groups
addons[]aws.eks.addonList of EKS add-ons
iamRoleaws.iam.roleThe IAM role that provides permissions for the Kubernetes control plane to make calls to Amazon Web Services API operations on your behalf