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Supported platform

  • aws


Amazon ElastiCache cluster


arnstringARN for the cluster
atRestEncryptionEnabledboolWhether the cluster has at rest encryption enabled
authTokenEnabledboolWhether Redis authentication tokens (or passwords) enable Redis to require a password before allowing clients to run commands
authTokenLastModifiedDatetimeDate and time authentication token was last modified
autoMinorVersionUpgradeboolWhether the cluster is configured to auto-upgrade to the next minor version (Redis 6.0 or later)
cacheClusterCreateTimetimeThe date and time when the cluster was created
cacheClusterIdstringThe user-supplied unique key that identifies the cluster
cacheClusterStatusstringThe current state of the cluster: available, creating, deleted, deleting, incompatible-network, modifying, rebooting cluster nodes, restore-failed, or snapshotting
cacheNodeTypestringThe name of the compute and memory capacity node type for the cluster
cacheNodes[]stringA list of cache nodes that are members of the cluster
cacheSecurityGroups[]stringA list of cache security group elements, composed of name and status sub-elements
cacheSubnetGroupNamestringThe name of the cache subnet group associated with the cluster
clientDownloadLandingPagestringThe URL of the web page where you can download the latest ElastiCache client library
nodeTypestringThe node type for the nodes in the cluster
enginestringThe name of the cache engine used for this cluster: Memcached or Redis
engineVersionstringThe version of the cache engine that is used in this cluster
ipDiscoverystringThe network type associated with the cluster: ipv4 or ipv6
logDeliveryConfigurations[]dictThe log delivery configurations being modified
networkTypestringThe supported network connection type for the cluster: ipv4, ipv6, or dual_stack
notificationConfigurationstringDescribes a notification topic and its status
numCacheNodesintThe number of cache nodes in the cluster
preferredAvailabilityZonestringThe name of the availability zone in which the cluster is located or "Multiple" if the cache nodes are located in different availability zones
regionstringRegion where the cluster exists
securityGroups[]aws.ec2.securitygroupA list of VPC security groups associated with the cluster
snapshotRetentionLimitintThe number of days for which ElastiCache retains automatic cluster snapshots before deleting them
transitEncryptionEnabledboolWhether in-transit encryption is enabled
transitEncryptionModestringWhether migrating clients to use in-transit encryption (with no downtime) is allowed