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Supported platform

  • aws


AWS Auto Scaling group

The resource provides fields representing an individual AWS auto scaling group within the account. For usage, read the aws.autoscaling resource documentation.


arnstringARN for the autoscaling group
namestringName of the group
loadBalancerNames[]stringList of load balancer names associated with the group
healthCheckTypestringHealth check type used by the group: ELB or EC2
tagsmap[string]stringTags for the asg
regionstringThe region of the Auto Scaling group
minSizeintThe minimum number of instances to scale down to
maxSizeintThe maximum number of instances to scale up to
defaultCooldownintThe time to wait after scaling up / down before the next scaling event is started
launchConfigurationNamestringThe name of the launch configuration
healthCheckGracePeriodintThe grace period in seconds before an instance with a failing health check will be replaced
createdAttimeTime when the autoscaling group was created
maxInstanceLifetimeintThe maximum amount of time, in seconds, that an instance can be in service
desiredCapacityintThe desired size of the group
availabilityZones[]stringList of availability zones associated with the group
capacityRebalanceboolIndicates whether Capacity Rebalancing is enabled
defaultInstanceWarmupintThe duration of the default instance warmup, in seconds
instances[]aws.ec2.instanceThe EC2 instances associated with the group