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Supported platform

  • aws


AWS IAM policy

The aws.iam.policy resource provides fields for assessing the configuration of individual IAM Policies. For usage, read the aws.iam resource documentation.


arnstringARN of the policy
idstringID of the policy
namestringName of the policy
descriptionstringDescription of the policy
isAttachableboolDenotes if the policy can be attached
attachmentCountintThe number of principal entities (users, groups, and roles) that the policy is attached to
createDatetimeTime when the policy was created
updateDatetimeTime when the policy was updated
scopestringScope of the policy
versions[]aws.iam.policyversionList of versions for the policy
defaultVersionaws.iam.policyversionDefault version of the policy
attachedUsers[]aws.iam.userList of users attached to the policy
attachedRoles[]aws.iam.roleList of roles attached to the policy
attachedGroups[]aws.iam.groupList of groups attached to the policy