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Supported platform

  • aws


Amazon RDS database instance

The aws.rds.dbinstance provides fields for assessing the configuration of RDS instances. For usage, read the aws.rds resource documentation.


arnstringARN for the database instance
namestringName of the database instance
backupRetentionPeriodintNumber of days for which automated snapshots are retained
snapshots[]aws.rds.snapshotList of snapshots for the database instance
storageEncryptedboolWhether the instance is encrypted
storageAllocatedintThe amount of storage, in GiB, provisioned on the instance
storageIopsintThe storage IOPS provisioned on the instance
storageTypestringThe type of storage provisioned on the instance
regionstringRegion where the instance exists
availabilityZonestringAvailability zone where the instance exists
publiclyAccessibleboolWhether the instance is publicly accessible
enabledCloudwatchLogsExports[]stringList of log types the instance is configured to export to CloudWatch logs
deletionProtectionboolWhether deletion protection is enabled
multiAZboolWhether the instance is a Multi-AZ deployment
idstringIdentifier for the database instance
enhancedMonitoringResourceArnstringARN of the CloudWatch log stream that receives the enhanced monitoring metrics data
tagsmap[string]stringTags for the database instance
dbInstanceClassstringName of the compute and memory capacity class of the DB instance
dbInstanceIdentifierstringUser-supplied unique key that identifies a DB instance
enginestringName of the database engine for this DB instance
engineVersionstringThe version of the database engine for this DB instance
securityGroups[]aws.ec2.securitygroupList of VPC security group elements that the DB instance belongs to
statusstringCurrent state of this database
autoMinorVersionUpgradeboolWhether minor version patches are applied automatically
createdTimetimeThe creation date of the RDS instance
portintThe port that the DB instance listens on. If the DB instance is part of a DB cluster, this can be a different port than the DB cluster port.
endpointstringThe connection endpoint for the DB instance
masterUsernamestringThe master username for the DB instance
latestRestorableTimetimeThe latest time to which a database can be restored with point-in-time restore